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U.S. media so treat Papi sauce she attracted the attention of young white-collar and Zhao Benshan di

according to the "New York Times" website reported that Jiang Yilei is a in their living room, complaining about the weight hard parents nag neighbor girl, she is full of vitality, sumianchaotian, has two cats. She is also the highest popularity of Chinese red, said Papi sauce.


Papi sauce after working in the entertainment industry a few years back to the Central Academy of Drama graduate, began to try some personalized elements: electronic publishing, umlaut, continuous jump cut. Gradually she has fans, until one day in November last year, she quipped Shanghai women mix English words when speaking video explosion of red network. At the same time, she in a few minutes in the end of the video to become a famous saying: "I am Papi sauce, a collection of beauty and talent in a woman."

said her business partner, in less than a year’s time, with her talk rapidly spicy video on multiple platforms has accumulated tens of millions of fans. Last month, Papi sauce for the first time live – 90 minute unscripted chatting in the boundless in a day to watch more than 74 million people.

reported that the audience of Papi sauce to the coastal city of twenty or thirty year old young people, in the eyes of these people, she brought a rare Chinese comedy in the fresh urban perspective. Insiders pointed out that before China have Zhao Benshan as a famous comedian, but it is often local flavor rich humor, ridicule is farming, things like eating green onions and Papi sauce, is to attract white-collar workers, they want to Tucao himself at the age of 39 are not married to do so.

reported that, indeed, most things are Chinese than in other places to be great in strength and impetus. But even with China standards, the 29 year old Papi sauce is extraordinary, that the media called the first red net in 2016. Papi sauce suddenly red reflects the Chinese Internet, especially the content of the Internet never meet the rapidly changing needs. China’s network is more and more mobile, according to the China Internet Network Information Center report released this month, more than 92% of the country’s 710 million Internet users are mobile Internet access. They use the Internet shopping, micro-blog and WeChat chat, access to information and entertainment, which makes the Chinese people say that since the media came into being.

rose as the popularity of Papi sauce, she attracted the attention of Internet companies and investors. In recent years, the government began to crack down on pirated content, especially in 2012 after the fight against imports of content, so companies need high-quality local original material. In this context, be able to write their own, their own film, edit their own video Papi sauce charm is obvious.

in March this year, she became the first venture capital of China net red, a group of four institutional investors announced the investment of $12 million to her company. With the investment, Papi sauce and her business partners are now focused on creating PapiTube, through this platform to support and develop the

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