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Entrepreneurial wizards 6 years old began to make sales at the age of 12 to earn enough to get to th

Cameron was born in a population of only 300 thousand in the country town in the U.S. state of Virginia, his father is not what entrepreneurs. From the age of 6, he had to sell the farm tomatoes from door to door, "I love people, I do not buy!" he said, he was looking at the father of car sales grew up very early to know the first time is the beginning of sales declined, "when the customer refused, you have been asked to go to. Know what they really want, like a mystery." Cameron said. But his greatest skill is in the process of creative puzzles, find business opportunities.

at the age of 8, he was Trump for himself to pay attention to the opportunity. At the end of 1992, Cameron fan movie "home alone two" scene, to see the film in the key scenes for the film Plaza Hotel Suites, before that, the boy has never been to Manhattan, his father out exchange: "as long as you learn this period of each branch with A, I take you to New York." Cameron do.

at the same time, he has done something, write to Trump hotel owner, he told Trump in the letter, he and his family will travel to New York next month, "I really want to see the film with the suite." When they actually arrive at the hotel, the hotel desk staff around his parents, squat down and said to him, "Mr. Trump prepared for you a few gifts." She took out the same type of recorder for such a gift to the movie starring Cameron, also told him that Mr. Trump has helped him arrange a purchasing specialist tomorrow morning before the FAOSchwarz toy store to open, then took him for a private buying trip, take the initiative to help his room level rise, arranged for him to live in the suite is regarded as in the movie scene.

entered the room, he immediately took back from the toy store note paper writing to Trump: "thank you for your gift, please wait and see, because I’m going to be second Trump


12 year old earned the first $500 thousand

New York, Cameron gave bigger dreams, for second years, his parents bought a computer and printer to him, the first night to get the computer, he used the computer to print every kind of greeting cards, very soon, he set up a company in his room, took a very good remember the name: "laughter and tears printing company".

by his mother gave him $50 in cash and computer, printer, he began to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, starting from the neighborhood business. This year, he was 9 years old. The card business earned him less than $600. But for the next third years, he made his first $500 thousand in a year.

was the Beanie Baby in school is very popular, this doll with plastic particles instead of foam and the red, he used the card business earned $100 for his sister a Beanie Baby try the market reaction, and finally was sold through the eBay website, 100>

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