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Who is the domain name when the green vegetables sell

put an end to online pornography in addition to good export clearance, but also a good entry clearance. Entry clearance is the source, if the opening is not blocked or too lax, will bring great difficulty to the regulation and clean-up work. Recently, the relevant departments of the punch, under Henzhao, to crack down on pornographic and vulgar content regulation, although it has made great achievements, but it is still difficult to intercept, some sites continue to become a trick, continue to transform domain, playing "hide and seek", the main reason lies in the website the domain name is excessive, excessive.

originally website domain name registration has very strict procedures, domain name registration information request for domain name registration users or fill in the real, accurate and complete, registered users must accept the relevant regulation, take responsibility for your own actions. But in the past the domain name registration is very arbitrary, want to note on the note, the name is false, identity is false, some information is not true. Some even registered multiple sites. Such as: the evening of December 9th, CCTV exposure, Jiangsu, Changzhou police arrested a pornographic mobile phone business site suspects Zheng Jun hair.

police found that Zheng Junfa’s yellow website has been blocked recently, but he changed the domain name, and quickly resurrected. According to the police investigation, Zheng Junfa has more than and 30.Cn top-level domain name, registration information is false information.

domain name registration has a special institution, which is CNNIC (China Internet Information Center), this name sounds like a large, official management agencies, is the official name of the name, is doing business activities, the large wholesale domain name, the domain name is registered as a serious means to profit, to ill-gotten gains at the expense of obtaining social benefits. It is reported that two years ago, the management of.Cn domain name registration and management agency –CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) has launched promotional activities, a.Cn domain name only sell one yuan. Use this opportunity to "store" hundreds of thousands of domain name of the "corn worm" There are plenty of people who at a very low price, and foreign sales. The website domain name when a lot of vegetables to sell, wholesale sales, eventually led to the website with the domain name in February 2008 "blossom everywhere, China Internet development statistics report", the report shows that the about 6000000 domains of only 81 million to establish a website that a huge number of sleeping sites, many are not sure what time refers to the time bomb, detonated.

CNNIC on the one hand claiming to be on behalf of the government to manage the domain name, on the one hand and sell the domain name; on the one hand to participate in market competition, on the one hand, when the domain name supervisor. This is not the kind of business organization has been subject to public criticism, many people accused CNNIC of "questionable" and "forced", but this is neither a government nor industry, management mechanism, but the power in the palm, the import of the website name, so a three not like organization to close the entrance, how can not be a big problem.

currently has invested a lot of manpower and financial resources from top to bottom

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