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Shop selling Warcraft semi annual revenue of 560 thousand yuan was sentenced to illegal business

morning news opened Taobao shop, specifically to guide players to download for World of Warcraft online game plug-in software Warcraft brothers, about half a year sales of nearly 560 thousand yuan. Reporters learned yesterday from the Xuhui court, the shop operators and customer service are constituted by the crime of illegal business was sentenced.

March 2011, Kang opened a Taobao shop "httel network", special guidance for "World of Warcraft" game player download network game plug-in software "Warcraft brothers", at the same time to run the game player to sell plug-in software purchased from others the necessary verification code.

since January 2012, because of good business, Jiang hired Tang Moumou, when the customer service to help them operate together. According to Alipay records statistics: December 2011 to May 2012, Kang sales of these plug-in software revenue reached 559771 yuan.

identified Chinese Copyright Protection Center Copyright Identification Committee, "Warcraft brothers" can run the program to modify the software "World of Warcraft", "World of Warcraft" to change the operation of the software process and results, to avoid, to undermine the legitimate issue of "World of Warcraft" "technical measures", to modify and manipulate the "World of Warcraft" game normal operation that destroyed the "game of game logic and process the original World of Warcraft", are plug-ins, constitutes copyright infringement.

eventually, Jiang was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 4 years, and fined $30 thousand; Tang was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment, suspended for 1 years, and fined $5000.

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