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Southern China webmaster meeting stressed the need to experience, increase demand matching

May 10, 2008 webmaster General Assembly in-depth understanding of stationmaster needs to solve some practical problems, in addition to invite well-known webmaster, let everybody can learn the experience of success and failure to share experiences, but also ad hoc project matching area, everyone at the time of registration fill up their own projects with some advantages and resources, and hope to find partners or problems the organizers of the network, are classified according to the information, in the arrangement of position and improve the precision of matching, communication and efficiency, to a greater extent to participants of the objective.

innovation has always been the purpose of the conference, the change is not the same. In order to better serve the majority of owners, the owners assembly also share several special groups and communicate, understand their needs, and look forward to the meeting of our work, so owners do have a better user experience, and has contributed to the probability of matching project.

this meeting has been strongly supported by many departments and the media, the owners will also be concerned about the presence of the agency, especially invited heavyweight owners and speakers:

Webmaster Station A Fei, POCO Yao Hong, Admin5 of the network graph king, Song Haibo, overseas network wolf, free health network Chang Jun, South China University of Technology software college dean Deng Huifang, Ali Mama, caifutong Tencent…

this conference is also supported by the majority of institutions and the media, some participants media:

Nanfang Daily, Nandu daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou TV station

intends to share their valuable experience to show their owners, who would like to sponsor the general assembly of individuals and enterprises, interested participants, welcome to contact us.

this gathering site support:

online registration:

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