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The net transfer of death by WeChat can return to the light microscopic Resurrection

in the rapid development of the Internet today, many industries with its development gradually grew up, the network video industry is developed quickly, however, before the recent network transmission of Tencent products now borrow WeChat micro death again, for this, I have half believe and half doubt. The fact is true, I believe that time will prove to us. First of all I think is true, because there are pictures so I testify for Gospel truth. Here to talk about micro borrow WeChat resurrection.

said WeChat, we will mention easecredit, and the emergence of micro


with the help of this topic, we simply talk about the next line shortly before the jointly launched by the NetEase and telecom easecredit, launched easecredit seems to let more people be compared to WeChat, and even WeChat marketing network marketing personnel will be moved directly to easecredit, with WeChat and easy to believe, we can understand that is because the same instant messaging tool, and the emergence of a minute now. However, microscopic and WeChat seem to have little relationship, why micro borrow WeChat raised? Please continue to look at the following analysis.

What is the relationship between

and WeChat as why two will be linked together with

for WeChat, presumably a lot of people are known, it is the Tencent Inc to develop a instant messaging tool, however, micro? What is the micro? From the literal meaning, micro, micro video, is a short video. However, the micro Tencent Inc is a mail list cross terminal cross platform based video call software. The recent network transmission by micro WeChat resurrection, what is the relationship between micro and WeChat and WeChat, why would the micro phase? Here, I guess the following three points: first, two with Tencent Inc products; second, micro borrow WeChat again and let more people understand; third, the two is the same at the beginning of the word micro. These three believe that more friends have also thought. So the micro can help WeChat to return to


can help WeChat to return to the light microscopic resurrection

network transmission deals with the power of WeChat’s resurrection, I believe it is very likely the first: with the development of mobile Internet, people are now on the video call, so micro is becoming more and more popular with users; second: depending on the amount of WeChat users by the trust, will soon let more people know download and use.

I have a simple analysis of the above

, and with WeChat and easecredit made a case analysis of WeChat and easecredit as a communication tool, hope can grow racing together bridle to bridle and WeChat, however, as not to conflict, the two seem to be complementary, do better. With the development of mobile Internet, the demand for video calls is rapidly advancing. Micro seems to have a very good prospect, with the increase of WeChat users, as may be able to get faster development. Here, also hope that WeChat can use to return to the light microscopic.

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