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WeChat marketing, do you really know the value of it

write an article from "what is micro marketing, micro marketing you do?" when they want to write in to do micro marketing in this category, because there are too many so-called "WeChat marketing experts", this article is everywhere. Blogger Hu Sisong doesn’t claim to be an expert in the field of WeChat marketing but early also spent more than a month’s time to study WeChat, today only so also wrote this to WeChat as the theme of the article is mainly to come up with some of my views with you this.

before writing this article, recalled the last article, the feeling of writing some of the pan. And some of the characteristics of micro marketing forget to introduce. This article originally planned to write some skills about WeChat marketing specific, however, found in the drafting of the outline, you have to write out some practical skills of WeChat marketing have a lot to be explained (in order to ensure that all the friends can see bright white). So, I feel the need to write an article about the core of WeChat and the overall operation of the context.

today we mainly from the following aspects of WeChat marketing:

1, WeChat marketing and network marketing tools in fact the difference or advantage

2, micro information function analysis

3, the value of WeChat, why do micro marketing

for the first time to talk about WeChat marketing for other network marketing tools or other micro marketing means what difference or advantage:

1, easy to operate, timeliness strong

mobile terminal convenience, the real realization of anytime, anywhere to send and receive information.

2, interactive stronger

WeChat is a strong demand, high viscosity; solve the problem that has not been able to solve any of the tools of history, when you face a large number of users, how to interact with it".

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3, more humane

because of WeChat’s privacy, also decided to make WeChat marketing to personalized marketing of enterprises, products, business style, culture into the marketing process, this is the key to WeChat marketing success.

4, quick, potential marketing targets more than


is very easy to form a "viral marketing" which has important influence on word-of-mouth marketing, every information spread is relayed to the circle of friends to get user acceptance, will affect the friends. But because the circle of friends of the dissemination of information privacy, high credibility.

WeChat several major features:


is the instant communication tools in the form of a multi channel, and has a strong LBS +>

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