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Jingdong disclosure of beauty latest data Kita Kamihiro sales still ahead

March 7th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) in the spring for the promotion of female users big butterfly Festival, Jingdong recently disclosed in the United States and the United States sales data. Data show the characteristics of different regions of the purchase, showing different geographical characteristics between provinces and cities are also very different.

two of the data is quite interesting, in terms of physical care, the highest sales in Tongzhou District, and even a region beyond the entire city of Guangzhou; men’s care category, Shanghai, the men on the list.

friends have speculated that too many male white-collar and blue collar Shanghai in Pudong New Area, and is the "prime", so the protection of natural and ultimately. In addition, because Beijing is located in Tongzhou District Chang’an Avenue East extension line, white-collar workers are more and more choice of long-term roots in this, the daily commute time is very long, from dawn to dusk, the body loss naturally bigger, naturally pay more attention to the bath, protection of body care.

learned from the Jingdong, the recent protection of cosmetics sales growth significantly. From the sales category, care cosmetics consumption become "big", facial care, body care sales ahead of men’s fragrance, cosmetics category.

in the total sales, Beijing ranked first, Shanghai, followed by Guangdong. Beijing consumption ability is strong, especially in Chaoyang District, Haidian District, in the sale of cosmetics major categories are basically more than any other city in the country, sales ranked one or two.

in addition to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong are competing in different segments of the two or three rankings. But what is interesting is that Shanghai people are more than the purchase of care products, in the men’s care, women’s care category ranked in front. While Guangdong is in the oral care, the charm of the cosmetics category sales leader.

Chengdu area nursing makeup sales is very objective, third in the facial care, oral care, women care, hair care and other categories sales ranked. (end)

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