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Adsense network broadcast Zhongguancun online was sold WeChat trap privacy disputes

1 WeChat arena: No. flourishes myth has critical  


23 year old Chuan Wei as a "master" make a living away from home for many years, he played the count for more than a year, WeChat public arena circle. He spent more than 1 years to build a small number of fans of the 60 thousand, and began to make money, the trumpet has become his job search, communication card.

actually, No. "in the public arena in which nobody like Wei are against the small figure of a few small fast operation, some small by a few people in the dorm to toss out the day into a million sales. At the same time, the big rich rich, also no lack of such people immersed in public. Such as the Shanghai media people Yannian at the beginning of the resignation of the founder of "pomegranate woman report", with 100 thousand fans, as in the circle of V, the advertising fee of up to 50 thousand yuan, the ability to earn


2.360 push search: bad search domain jump Baidu  

news January 7th, yesterday, 360 search officially launched a new independent brand "search", claiming that "a good search, do not do bad things!" today, there are friends accidentally found "not found" domain name should jump to Baidu. Do not look at the big things of the netizens are naughty.

360 launched a good search, said to be confident China search first brand, implication is not to Baidu search engine squeeze under the largest position? And in 360 released "good search, don’t be evil" propaganda paper, a lot of content is that false advertising to Baidu. This makes the two potential such as competition and upgrade again. Net friend onlookers.

3 how to save it? Give it to Ma  


at the end of last year, 12306 users’ personal data site in the event of serious leakage incident, whether you lose their confidence in the network? Though 12306 tickets from the creation date have been criticized, but it is a train ticket sales network monopoly, we still need to use it. So how to solve this problem, the author puts forward his original opinion.

from the Chinese government operated online train ticket sales website 12306 put into operation that day, they encountered a variety of problems. 12306 network in operation of the first spring peak was paralyzed, after this 12306 network has become the focus of Tucao: do not deal with a refund, deceive customers, promised to launch an application, but for many years failed to fulfill its commitments, then followed by people no echo, but it is still not put forward, and then be committed; list the absurdity of departure / arrival time, facing corruption and reselling tickets, closing the third party service to repair the error, etc..

4 WeChat privacy

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