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How to do the old site of the two promotion

after the completion of the construction of a website is bound to be the promotion of the site, of course, the site is simply to promote the operation of the conventional search engines, exchange links, etc.. The webmaster friends should be very familiar, here I do not need too much of.

I want to here and new friends (veteran move) talk about promotion website. The old hand has a long love tribe ( [Note: this link should be the need of content, please edit the show] is not considered, a new station. The search engine also included, similar sites have done a lot, but finally is lackluster, Jiuai tribe also faces two times the promotion has become a big issue for me, I have no way to retreat, to find a lot of ways, I hope more webmaster to communicate with  


first, for search engines. Analysis of the sources of traffic to the site, keyword matching is not good, the main reason is that the original article is not much, just started doing stand, as soon as possible in order to fill up the contents, copying others and can hardly be avoided, in view of this situation, I thought in the article, by increasing the quantity and quality of the article, get more traffic from search engines.

1, through the Baidu index, YAHOO vane to find out about the fitness of the popular keywords, and search related articles.

2, for these popular keywords, according to their own life experience to write some articles, these are the original article, more popular by the search engine.

3, if some words not their own original articles do? It can collect some of the others to write the article, according to the effect of several articles, expressed in their own words, this should be called "pseudo original", this "pseudo original" by search engine spiders are unable to discern. My station some time ago from the search engine over more than and 500 IP, mainly due to a few key words.

second, according to the post and the forum. I am related to the post Baidu post a lot about fitness, every day to send more than 5 articles, pay attention to hair when not light AD, even AD to the artistic point in Baidu know the answer to a large number of fitness problems, then leave their links in the reference. My station every day from the post and know there are more than and 100 IP.

third, soft Wen promotion. For fitness sites and other types of Web site to write some targeted soft. First of all, the content should be soft, and at the same time to combine the specific content of a variety of sites for the soft text in the promotion of the site at the same time should give the reader a little inspiration and experience to share, or it will become an ad.

in Beijing in April 2008 and began to rain, cold! First stop here, the rest of the time continued.

started in the webmaster nets, Adsense network, the laggards forum.

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