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Adsense network broadcast Gmail can not be used for what reason WeChat official what the most popula

1 suspected illegal branch cloud network chairman Meng Kai investigation by the SFC  

December 30th, in section cloud network (formerly xiangeqing) announced this morning, said the company chairman Meng Kai for alleged violations of securities laws and regulations, has been an investigation by the commission.

in October 13th this year, in section cloud network was suspected of illegal, Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau ordered rectification, in section cloud network stocks also suspended in the day.

Beijing securities regulatory bureau pointed out 3 major problems in the cloud network in the document: to increase trust in real estate mortgage set prior breach of the undertaking of Shaanxi property, in violation of regulations, the mortgage and the disclosure of the program in the cloud network to increase trust measures progress of disclosure in violation of laws and regulations. After receiving a rectification order, in section cloud network issued a notice to all investors at the same time to apologize, announced a number of corrective measures.

2.2014 DN list top 100: domain name sold $42 million won

news December 30th, DN journal list released 2014 domain price list, this year a few favourites for,,, domain name was on the list.

Single letter domain

was acquired in November by the Japanese GMO company won the top 800 million yen, or about RMB 42 million. Ranked second, respectively, is the millet company’s 2 letter domain name and whiskey, the price is $3 million 600 thousand (about 22 million yuan) and $3 million 100 thousand (about 19 billion yuan).

3 if Gmail is the Chinese seal that must have a new major security reasons  

Gmail mailbox recently two days in China cannot be used, a few people can say you last night, but still can not send someone to see, or can’t receive. All this leads to a lot of speculation. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said yesterday to answer a reporter’s question does not understand this situation, Google has not been explained.

Gmail is a mail system developed by Google, was evaluated by some people as the most powerful system. It has a lot of users in China, especially with the frequent contact with foreign people, accustomed to using this mailbox. There are a lot of people will be mixed with other Gmail mailbox.

4 new Sogou input method Sogou search by Baidu   and closure;

news December 30th, billion state power network noted that in the version of Sogou Pinyin input method, the latest update, add Sogou search function, the user in the search engine to search in any, will jump directly according to the input, Sogou search.

it is reported that this is Sogou Pinyin +

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