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Adsense network broadcast domain name 6 digital era or the advent of the police involved in Nora boo

1 broadcast today stalls on the matter: a large number of police end nest  

After Nora

"from" attracted a large number of fans marvel, but things did not seem to end. Just, @ the Internet thing broke the news that at 11 this morning, a large number of police entered Nora company, control of all employees, are not allowed to touch the phone and computer, the company will be all computer storage. At present, the incident is still ongoing.

After the

news exposure, the micro-blog also released Nora boss sent internal mail, the message said: you staff, do not worry, the company does not have a problem, the lawyer on the way. We’re all involved in things."

According to

@ Internet that something said, the message provided by the internal informant, is the purpose of protection, just the exposure of the photo has been deleted. From the tone, it seems to have something.

drawer @ new hot list also broke the news, said Nora checked, is being questioned, company Guanfan noon, can only eat in the company, do not let yourself go out to eat. There is a network of people who want a lot of data to go.

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2 domain name ferocious: 6 digital era has arrived or new


renamed China April 22nd hearing, since this year, the digital domain name trading frequently ferocious rally, 6 digital diversification is this month ushered in a "blowout" period, enterprises and individuals have been eyeing the 6 digital resources market. Recently, Xinyang online network enabled domain name on the line, but also for the domain name market considerably.

it is understood that the number 464001 is the Shihe River District of Xinyang City, Henan province zip code, strong local landmark. The earlier Shenmu forum enabled zip line. That "Chinese whois query system, domain name was registered in January of this year. And the related suffixes registration for the Tencent Inc, as early as September 2012, tens of thousands of QQ number is crazy registered domain name, the 6 digit number from to all domain name is not registered, Tencent were robbed empty.

3 Zhang Zhaoyang Internet Era: in addition to the show, but also what to do?  

in the glass room on the top floor of the Sohu building, I met Zhang Zhaoyang. This glass house was in a very long period of time brings together celebrities, but in recent years, Zhang Zhaoyang only in extremely necessary, such as the Sohu video drama released or when he attended celebrity events, only the lights lit glass house. In March 19th the 90>

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