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Small talk about the operation of local portal

small talk about the operation of local portal

contact the Internet for four years, do stand fast for more than three years, beginning with the domain name idle hands to rack up a local site, just do not want their domain name idle only, but later want to take this opportunity to practice the local portal site operation, not to make up his place the site of the operation of the blank. Through the site of the four months of operation, today, small talk about their own local portal site operation of the views and feelings, but also to clean up their own ideas!

actually do local site and other sites, several problems are a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

first, the location of the site:

What do you

1 station is interested? No matter, want to profit from the beginning you have to prepare for future earnings, of course, the profit is not to say who want to make money to earn, he certainly is a difficult process, only a clear purpose of their own site in the future development, in order to avoid detours, to move towards the road to profitability.

2 specific areas of specific information which industry? Do it or do you travel, or the other, can be decided according to their own specific local conditions, do local portal must do the "full" and "fine", services in place, to choose the local characteristic industry the "full" and "developing our own fine" in the local site to the bright spot in the industry, as long as the local features and highlights, I believe you have to stand up in the local site.

3 do you stand is to do to see who will be your site visitors who will be interested in your site this is also decided to your future profit model and the key to promote the site.

4 if you want to make money in the future, who do you want to earn? Who is willing to give you the money?

two, environmental analysis:

1 do you stand in the current market environment and network environment factors and the future of the environment to do after the station?

2 who are your competitors and who are your competitors? What can you do?

3 from the policy, social, network, channel and other aspects of the analysis, you do the feasibility of this station.

three, the promotion of the site: (Qingdao information network as an example of a simple talk about it)

1 domain name choice; good domain name will let you get better promotion effect.

Station Name: Qingdao information network (Shandong Qingdao local station)

domain name:


(1) to the region, people often go to the field and homesickness often go to the website, Forum promotion, advertising attention skills >

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