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Small group purchase Survival Guide Baotuan toward the three or four line of the city

[Abstract] billion state power network combined with 360 group purchase navigation for domestic small and medium-sized group purchase website for the survival of the state of research, and the characteristics of the group purchase website done in-depth interviews and analysis had been gradually to the small and medium-sized group purchase situation and characteristics of Web site to do the relevant reports. At the end of a series of reports, the state power grid connected to the 360 group purchase navigation official, standing on the platform side of the point of view of domestic industry (including group purchase group purchase group purchase station, navigation, suppliers) are summarized and suggestions. The following is the person in charge:

buy navigation self reform: try joint operations

As we all know,

vertical navigation is the usual mode of buy buy site, through CPS and other forms to buy site traffic charges. But the defects of this model is that, as a navigation platform, we do not have the bottom conditions in-depth business supply chain, so the quality of goods, supply, transportation and other aspects of the control power is insufficient, and these are the most fundamental factors affecting the user satisfaction of the group purchase.

so for a long time, 360 buy navigation has been doing business adjustments and exploration. In order to deeply to the back-end supply chain, we try and combined mode of operation of the group purchase website from 2012 August onwards, launched the "360 special" and "360HOME+" concept of product.

what we do is to go to the general field of business, in the form of human flesh for the user to select and recommend a good brand, good goods. We are doing the most successful should be special for the crabs, the special team will go directly to the investigation, from the crab fishing, warehousing, sorting, dressing to transport tracking, to ensure that every aspect of genuine goods at a fair price and improve customer satisfaction.


Figure 360

staff and group purchase group purchase navigation station staff in Yangcheng Lake cooperative activities

reason to do so, the main consideration is hoping to help the 360 brand not some well-known small group purchase website to shake the good supplier, the product here; at the same time, because we will be in the form of "safe navigation group purchase group purchase", so I hope there are some special category can be controlled from the source.

joint operation of the attempt, on the one hand, with a small number of group buying sites to grow together, on the other hand, can enhance our own control of the commodity. So far, we have done a lot of group purchase station joint impact activities, such as the 2012 double eleven, twelve, group purchase group purchase group purchase, special purchases for the Spring Festival Longjing green tea, crabs and so on, during the activity of sales and traffic will turn several times than usual.

, however, as the platform side, to go deep into the industry, the supply chain is indeed more difficult. The first time we work with a traditional merchant can be realized: our own team is actually a lack of understanding of the supply chain, and the supplier is basically no concept of online sales, so still

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