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Buy and takeaway is not the end of the final battle of food O2O rely on

Abstract: for O2O products, if you buy the era of the fight is covered, the era of taking away the fight is a subsidy, and now it is the whole industry chain refinement service.

catering O2O seems to have been in the last few years, decisive state.

2011 thousands of war is "decisive battle"; 2014 takeaway subsidies wars or "decisive battle"; last year, the U.S. group and public comment after the seemingly, the pattern has been set, the actual market share is still a stalemate, so the "decisive battle" has not stopped.

the problem is, with decisive attitude to fight, so each were all a little impatient — it is a Internet Co, but anxious themselves into "half of muscle, half chip" sales driven enterprise.

indeed, the executive power is very important, but the execution does not mean that they have advanced marketing tactics and superb resource allocation level. The capital gamblers earned their turf, but they fell off the service. Do not you see, frantically doing push but the high turnover rate of group purchase, users, businesses (refer to Chiba before the Starving people fill the land. barbecue and meituan case); tens of billions of savage takeaway subsidies, only drive a customer price low, user stickiness poor market environment.

so decisive battle, when is the head?

buy and takeaway are not the end of

, a restaurant business for many years, said a friend, the restaurant opened the core of the evaluation criteria are two: taste and geographical location.

group purchase is a marketing behavior, is the essence of driving traffic with low price (similar to the "banner store half"). Buy do better, can not improve the restaurant’s "taste" and "position". On the general restaurant 5 – 10 years of life cycle, buy only a small ring. And if the taste is not strong enough to do impulse buying just let yourself die faster.

is just like the former public comment founder Zhang Tao said: we have always thought that this model is a fatal problem, from the day it was born, can survive is a miracle." Another one or two years, the concept of any industry may buy the group will not or weaken." And later merged with the U.S. group public comment, to a certain extent also confirmed Zhang Tao’s point of view, group purchase has gradually declined, leading to a group purchase and death to spend resources, rather than to kaijiangtuotu.

that takeaway it takeaway is to solve the dining environment is limited by the problem, its essence is to expand the consumption of the scene of the service, the audience aimed at repeat customers. For dishes have standardized restaurants, takeaway indeed more important than the group.

but, after all, is just a service category, in addition to subsidies is difficult to open up a different gameplay. Many users are following the benefits run, subsidies to ordering, no subsidies will turn to other platforms. Platform functionality and content homogeneity, takeaway consumers where there will be loyalty? For want to improve store performance, enhance the purchase rate, customer price of the business >

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