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Stocks fell below the issue price, Alibaba how to deal with the first half of a series of bad news

when the listing of unlimited Alibaba shares, has returned to its starting point a year ago in the NYSE

August 23rd, the global stock market crash, the opening price of the U.S. stocks also failed to escape, the opening of the three index fell within half an hour at the top and bottom of the 4%. With the general trend continued downward Alibaba shares opened at $58.16, in one fell swoop below the IPO issue price of $68.

finished last week, Alibaba’s shares closed at $68.18, is already quite close to the issue price of the red line.

on Thursday, Twitter also fell below the 2013 issue price on NASDAQ IPO. If the Alibaba and this only because they could not get a stable revenue, so the stock continued weakness in technology stocks on the same road, there is no doubt that had grabbed Ali stock dealers and banks are very embarrassing.

in the previous two weeks, Alibaba has received a lot of bad news. One of the most serious may be: the beginning of the stock holdings of Soros, now also selling ali.

according to the Soros Family Fund announced in August 15th the positions of documents, in the past three months, the fund held by the Alibaba’s stock has dropped to 59 thousand and 300 shares from 4 million 390 thousand shares, the reduction rate of up to 98.7%. Another report released earlier in May, ThirdPoint and the "hedge fund king" Paulson Paulson& Co. in the first quarter of this year also has a polishing hand stock ali.

in this position paper published three days ago, the company has just handed over a disappointed investors quarter earnings: revenue grew 28%, Chinese retail sales growth of 34%, the two key indicators are lower than the average expected previously analysts, and in three years the growth rate of the slowest season.

in June this year, Ali had warned analysts said the lottery online sales were banned, small and micro finance business to the payment service to ant group, and reduce the Juhuasuan platform fee, all will have an effect on the quarter revenue. According to the group CFO Wu Wei in the analyst conference call argument, if these effects are removed, the company’s revenue this quarter should grow by about 36%.

published in the two quarter time, Ali also proposed a $4 billion stock repurchase program, funds from the board chairman and vice chairman Cai Chongxin. Such remedies have a stabilizing effect on the company’s share price, but Wall Street’s disappointment may be worse than the two of them:

In August 12th

trading, the Alibaba’s stock price dropping to $71.03 last year, has been close to the company IPO’s $68 IPO price. In fact, Alibaba listed on the first day of the opening price as high as

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