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MLM website why forbidden and endless report forensics difficult

Jinqiao net home page

a month to find two people to join, after a year of at least $500 thousand in monthly income, buy back to one thousand, spend ten thousand to get ten thousand"……


a group claiming to be "electronic commerce" website, the name of this attractive advertisement but who knows these sites a whoop and a holler, may do is MLM business. Anti MLM volunteers believe that this pyramid approach is not only more deceptive, but also more difficult to investigate. China Youth Daily reporter even found that a company had been suspected of MLM sites have been investigated, the business is booming".

4 years ago and is still popular today,

a month to find two people to join, after a year at least 500 thousand yuan monthly income! "This is a shopping site E visa (hereinafter referred to as the" E visa ") the signs and advertisements. In the end what to join in to have a monthly income of 500 thousand?

E, visa is known as Asia’s top group company. Its customer service staff told reporters: to pay 1000 yuan to $8000 to join the fee, you can become a member of this company. This fee can be used to purchase any products of E visa on the shopping site. Member will receive a membership encoding and personal business website, in the personal business website, members can sell E Cosway company provides kinds of consumer goods.

is a E Su visa member, he shows his personal business website to reporters, after joining the "no need to worry about, and update the product shelves, capital flow, logistics and so on, are all company (E, visa – reporters note) arrangement". Even if the product sales are not good, but also can earn money – pull members can receive a commission.

In accordance with the rules of

, each new one member, the introducer can get $80 in revenue. Your income comes from two aspects: first, to sell the product to make the retail price difference, the two is to build a team, whether they are shopping or recommend people to join, you have points, and thus get a reward. For example, this month your business website profit is 10 thousand yuan, you developed the 3 members, so this month your income is nearly 12000 yuan, if you develop 100 member? You think of how much revenue? "Said su.

actually E Cosway as early as 4 years ago has been the "people’s Daily" exposure: "in August 26, 2008, Shenzhen city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Nanshan Branch of law enforcement officers seized 3 suspected pyramid E Cosway shop on the ground, and seized the shop on the ground for suspected online MLM computer servers."

profit from where to

The so-called e-commerce website

"looks beautiful", more than E of a visa.

you in my store, spending 1000 yuan, you can get thousands of websites of $1000 rebate, you go to the website > 1000

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