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Phishing black chain rampant mainstream website search engine as an accomplice

phishing is a new type of Internet fraud in recent years, beginning in 2010 in the domestic network to be rampant, civil defense against, often caught. In the investigation, the reporter learned that, at present has become phishing dens manufacturing in China southeast coastal area of Fujian and even a village most of the villagers is fishing for a living, has now developed into a complete industrial chain, the integrity of the system is far beyond the imagination. Allegedly this industry chain has so many unemployed to find a way of earning money, and even led to the development of local telecommunication industry. It is an urgent task for phishing attack, and in the industry chain, there are still many or bright or dark, or active or passive accomplice, is that phishing attack difficulty, even one disaster after another.


recently received a Taobao owner complaints, Taobao opened a clothing store in the history of recently met her puzzled what to open the shop, the clothing store originally riotous with colour turned into a mobile phone shop, also to his surprise that buyers message, ask her mobile phone the price is really cheap to only 200 yuan, in fact, a strange encounter is hacker tricks, it is our common phishing.

From the early

network viruses, Trojans and phishing sites linked to now, fraud, Internet fraud means more subtle, more and more excellent, phishing in medicine, beauty, Adult supplies, securities consulting industry by the most serious harm. Because it is difficult to distinguish between true and false website users, allowing users to online shopping, online payment willingness to reduce. It is estimated that the national computer network emergency response center by the end of 2009, phishing brings to the users of e-commerce at present loss has reached 7 billion 600 million yuan, according to the survey data of 360 security center in the first half of the show, only phishing sites and stock fraud website users caused loss of more than 12 billion yuan. It is estimated that the indirect loss of phishing to the community more than 20 billion yuan.

phishing black industry chain has been initially formed, the harm has been more than the traditional virus and Trojan horse, the first killer to threaten the interests of Internet users.

an easy job to do minting money phishing raging mad

"from the early" lottery fraud "to" fake website fraud ", until the current Trojan phishing phishing case, means more and more diverse, more and more harm", the 360 President Qi Xiangdong told reporters, "interest is the key to the fishing industry chain formation".

A reporter from the

had engaged in "phishing" who understand that the phishing fraud gangs if enough high imitation fake websites, the sale of goods and sold enough, there can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in January revenue. A phishing site just in one day to get a successful transaction records, you can put your payment account deposits all up in just two minutes. According to the insider, to sell game cards as an example, a good night, there will be dozens of transactions a day, single.

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