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Ganji CEO who is the darling of the golden period of information classification

CEO: Yang Haoyong, University of Science and Technology of China, Bachelor of engineering, master of computer science Yale University. Years of business experience in china. Before returning to the United States, the largest network security company Juniper Networks core development team in the research and development work in the United States, founded Tromphi Networks, and any CEO.

filed a classified information website in China, naturally can not miss, it is the leading platform for information classification. Classification of information dissemination and retrieval class how the web development prospects in China problem, the network reporter interviewed CEO Yang Haoyong.

site positioning: five km of information platform

Ganji was founded in January 2005, now has more than two years. Is created, the returnees of all funds add up to only 800 thousand yuan, while Ganji now has more than and 40 staff, entered into the orbital period of development, capital is no longer a problem.

"we are determined to create life information of a user within five km, a large platform to find whether or the release of the." Ganji CEO Yang Haoyong told this reporter. He said that he is now doing five km of information platform, such as city dating can play together. This is also not the same place as eBay, Taobao, he said, for example, their household appliances can be placed on the Internet to sell, but also to promote the transaction, does not occur within five km is not easy to do.

currently, covering more than and 300 major city, divided into real estate, dating, recruitment, second-hand goods trading, the localization of the University Union information service, to provide users with free. " PV every day can reach about 4000000," Yang Haoyong said, Ganji is mainly for individual users, through local city information network platform, local users can achieve on the local consumer information service or commodity trading and understanding. User access and release of personal goods, service information platform through Internet.

development tips: users can achieve demand will be

will go to the market is all the information classification site inside a website most patient, we will do three years or even five years are not profitable to this website, we only focus on the user experience, not to spend three dollars to five dollars a click, a post this kind of action, or he has released demand, or he has to find the demand such a website."

Yang Haoyong said, Ganji able to today, also has no small reputation in the industry, because they focus on their real. They firmly believe that the user information is a carrot a pit, will not allow users to silence the information, the user as long as there is a demand will certainly be able to". Since 2005 since the establishment of effective information and active registered users record highs

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