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Millions of APP developers or the implementation of the real name system will soon be explained

Ministry of industry to rectify the mobile application market mobile application store should apply for permission or filing procedures

(reporter Xue Song) news that the Ministry will strengthen the supervision of App (smart phone third party application), causing great concern in the industry. Yesterday, sources told reporters that the policy is still in development, has not yet announced. However, according to experts involved in the development, the regulatory measures are being developed, including the ten open platform for the implementation of the record system of the third parties, the application developer is the implementation of the real name of the public figure of one hundred thousand".

although the App application market chaos has been obvious to all, but the industry involves a wide range, there are only millions of individual developers, how to incorporate regulatory track is also a problem. The source said that due to social misreading, the Ministry of industry will be carried out in the near future.

users: experience the pain of malicious software

yesterday, special researcher at the China University of Political Science and Law Center for intellectual property rights, Zhao Zhanling said to the reporter, many users have encountered the application of closed off advertising, cannot be uninstalled, the most is the pain of cutting one’s body secretly deductions and steal SMS privacy after, plus the App application platform in piracy, jurisprudence of violence meet the eye everywhere the application of.

MIIT Communications Security Bureau official said recently that the Internet on the spread of malicious programs, remote control, network attacks and other traditional network security threats to the rapid spread of the mobile internet. According to the China Anti Virus Network Alliance (ANVA) statistics, as of October 2011, the country has found more than 4500 kinds of mobile Internet malicious programs, and accelerated growth trend.

at present, the Ministry has issued a "mobile Internet malware monitoring and disposal mechanism", this is the Ministry for the first time, the introduction of normative documents security management of mobile Internet network, has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

developer: millions of homes will be affected by

Zhao Zhanling believes that the relevant departments in charge of the App application market is imperative to strengthen supervision. But the current number of App application platform has at least dozens, the number of individual developers and more than one million, there are quite a number of developers in foreign countries, the number and geographical range, great difficult to control.

is developing the measure, the reporter interviewed yesterday to participate in the development of the work of the Ministry of experts, he said he could not disclose more information, the Ministry of industry will subsequently be introduced. Zhao occupation analysis, the third party platform into the management is inevitable, but the developers do not have to worry too much about the record and misreading, mainly for the third party open platform, including the apple store, Android and other mobile phone market application download platform. Prior regulatory requirements, these third party open platform to obtain the local communications authority’s ISP license, as well as business license, you can carry out business, the future may increase the filing requirements.

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