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used to think about doing classified information

in the second half of 05, after the media coverage of Craigslist, the formation of the trend of the domestic trend, due to the threshold of classification information is too low, the size of a time thousands of classified information website. It was really a lot of people want to do classified information, including my long before the domain name, but after analyzing the feeling there is the problem of classified information, so began a long freezing time.

classification information of the problem in which it had said: the first is the structure of the site, basically is Craigslist with a look, this structure is difficult to profit, too open, currently profitable website basically is closed. The second is the content structure, classification is too much, but also to do the country, for those who are weaker than the front pull too long, equal to each category can not be the first.

third too many alternatives, each category can be found to replace the real estate sites, the talent website,,,.

classification of information where the way out, I think there are two extremes, one is a multi input multi classification and multi City, and ultimately the market NO.1, can do is also a strong financial strength. The other one is more suitable for us is a city of low cost intensive and meticulous farming type, a classification of the difference, the single classification to achieve the ultimate.

as early as 99 years, the United States also has a classified information website called, there is only one service that is renting. 05 years in February by eBay to $433 million acquisition, the news did not cause much domestic follow suit.

the site to collect the cost of the property as the main economic income, if copied to China is obviously inappropriate. But there was also a real estate classified information website, it is easy to lease real estate.

04 years when I worked in a local real estate website, easy to rent real estate are potential competitors for me, find the website every day to publish listings number, is this city rental housing issued amount to more than the real estate website, they had fewer than 10 people, too don’t consider the matter of money, although not profitable, but I feel they are on the way, the flow will be bigger and bigger, at least in a housing can become the industry leader. Later, they opened a new website, called word of mouth network, do catering category, and gradually focus on the word of mouth online. Later, Yi Lin real estate network disappeared, and eventually become a sub channel reputation network, a lot of people to rent property feel pity.

in March this year, Shanghai has a website, the website structure is very simple, just do a Baidu in Shanghai rental housing, rental housing, the first one is they, we feel that this site is very promising, and soon at a very low price to buy down.

China’s property broker environment may not be so fast, but China may appear in the near future.

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