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Shanghai municipal government to support the high injection of PPLive network TV

, according to informed sources, the Shanghai municipal government, to direct investment, the first brand of television network PPLive investment fund guide and support. It is reported that, PPLive is currently the only direct support by government funding network video new media companies.

said, early in June this year, Li Changchun Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Party Secretary of Shanghai Yu Zhengsheng, Minister of culture Cai Wu Wang Taihua, the Secretary for administration of radio, press and publication administration director Liu Binjie a line of investigation in depth PPLive. PPLive after four years of development, from the campus entrepreneurial growth for a comprehensive strength of mature enterprises, will be the first with independent intellectual property rights and technology export to overseas, 50 a number of independent intellectual property rights of patent technology, the calculation efficiency of more than 500 times the same type of global network, and by the international well-known enterprises / institutions (Harvard, Massachusetts Polytechnic, Microsoft Research Institute) widely quoted. PPLive as the only country in the network video industry to visit the national leaders visited the enterprise and the leaders at all levels of praise.

2008, including audio-visual industry, including Shanghai, the network of cultural industries to achieve added value of nearly 15 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of more than 25%. And has formed a state dominated, a variety of models, a variety of ownership coexist situation. In the recently held "Shanghai network audiovisual industry development forum, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Culture Bureau Wang Wei said: Shanghai city will launch 10 billion of project funds, to promote the development of 9 high-tech fields. Among them, the network audio-visual will be an important part of the software and information industry, access to policy and financial support. For the choice of domestic listed Shanghai network audio-visual enterprises, the government will give guidance and support, the goal is 5 to 8 network audio-visual enterprises to form core in 2011; in 2012 to form 2 to 3 market capitalization of listed 3 billion to 5 billion yuan of the leading enterprises.

22, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, discussed and adopted in principle, the revitalization of the cultural industry planning. The paper points out the government should attach importance to the network video industry, and to such industries to implement the Shanghai municipal government, in the form of investment capital represented by new media PPLive, also in the process of government investment in the first lot only, such as the 9 major investment industry selection "only" government approved, the network television industry in the "only" government favored etc.. Shanghai city government ice breaking technology injection, and increase the pace of integration of the cultural industry is evident.

it is understood, PPLive as the country’s oldest and most innovative enterprise network video, active in April 2008, has been in the industry the first batch of national radio and TV Bureau issued the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", the platform content and qualification by the government has repeatedly affirmed, with a strong government background of cooperation. Subsequently, the two sessions, the Olympic Games and other major events live, Microsoft Asia Pacific executives Tao Chuang joined Dr.

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