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Daily topic meet the most serious corrective order crisis pretty music box live

A5 ( station network July 24th news, the last two months of the Internet box is ushered in an eventful year. With the continued progress of SARFT rectification of the Internet TV series, was once seen as the industry’s traditional cable TV subversion of the music and its music mode is experiencing unprecedented crisis.

it is understood that 15 evening news, SARFT Internet TV and set-top boxes for the hair under a supervision order, one of which is to require licenses for serious violations of Internet enterprise administration is investigated, and the cooperation must not. The music network that is SARFT criticized Internet companies. In the process of administration of radio licenses said in interviews, LETV violations give high priority to the requirements of CNTV, the number of Chinese media and stop LETV cooperation.


news, July 16th LETV opened down 6%, one afternoon opening limit, to close down 9.76%. 17, LETV to Dikaidizou, again in the afternoon diving, closing sealed limit. As the gem nearly two years of big bull stocks, the market value of about 30000000000 of the music network has fallen by the end of this two, the market value has not seen $6 billion 300 million.

subsequently LETV made the announcement that part of the media that LETV SARFT criticized corporate reports and facts SARFT told 7 integrated service licenses can no longer cooperate with the music network does not match. The company understand the regulatory authorities, as CCTV and the presence of irregularities and demanded rectification cooperation in Internet set-top boxes, other parties except CCTV license suspended during the rectification and LETV cooperation, pending completion of the rectification and acceptance of the license after the other party to continue cooperation with LETV normal.

TV box is experiencing the strongest ever regulatory. Since mid June, SARFT issued a series of policies to combat illegal Internet TV industry. In June 23rd, SARFT sent a letter to the local radio and Television Bureau, asked to immediately shut down illegal Internet TV video software download channels terminal products, and criticized China media and blockbuster two license providers.

it is reported that, as the set-top box since the listing since June 30, 2014 cumulative sales (including orders) of about 1 million 750 thousand units, the cumulative sales revenue has been confirmed to be about 1 million 630 thousand units, the corresponding amount of about $430 million. Among them, the first half of this year sales of about 1 million 250 thousand units, sales revenue has been confirmed to be about 1 million 130 thousand units, the corresponding amount of about $272 million in the first half of the gross profit margin is expected to affect the range of 6.42% to 7.10%. Therefore, the company believes that the set-top box business directly quantify the impact of the company’s performance is less controllable.

Internet TV box storm has caused most of the ecological impact of the video site, and the music as the moment has become the most injured enterprise.

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