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The effective promotion of the ten directions of website operation

website promotion ten points of attention

one, seize the strategic point of development in the new century

no matter what business you are doing, you can’t ignore the importance of the internet. In fact, as long as you take a look at the Internet, you may be surprised to find your competitor’s " Web " has been released on the Internet.

two, the establishment of a new corporate image

in INTERNET, the image of the enterprise is no longer the number, size, strength, performance, reputation and history are decided by a new set of rules for alternatives, such as specifications, fast, convenient, friendly, beauty, expert consultation, global comparison, personalized selection, interactive use and so on, so the bigger HENGQIANG will no longer work.

three, to open up the international market

through your website, you have opened up access to almost every market in the world. In fact, a lot of products not included in the planned export enterprises should be aware that your web page once released, it will certainly bring you international business opportunities. It goes without saying that for export-oriented export-oriented enterprises or intends to enter the overseas market, the establishment of the Internet is undoubtedly the cheapest and most effective means of opening up the international market.

four, to carry out 24 hours online marketing

telephone, telegraph, telex, fax communication and traditional communication to you people, so that your products or services sold to the means of communication, and the use of your website, you can more vivid, intuitive and cheaper to sell yourself to the broader scope of your product or service. For example, now more popular customers through online customer service, you can achieve free communication, visitors do not need to install any plug-in, you can communicate online.

five, efficient and low-cost directional publicity

in Yahoo just a very rare type of technical terms, you may find the search result is tens of thousands, even very professional market segments, you will find your colleagues and potential customers on the Internet. Join a professional trade association, newsgroups, mailing list, you suddenly find yourself before little is known about the product or service, is now a hot topic of common people.

six, with the customer to establish the most direct communication mechanism

through your web site, you can cross regional service to your customers: to maintain contact with your customers, listen to the views of customers to answer questions raised by customers frequently.

seven, shorten the cycle of new products and open new markets

to launch new products and open up new markets is expensive. A small number of large enterprises can be expensive advertising and promotion, however, for most enterprises, not only do not have enough money, do not have enough time to wait, collect and >

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