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How to use QQ group’s network marketing model to promote virtual products

QQ group has a comprehensive nature and the nature of the population differentiation, which is the nature of the differentiation of the QQ group and Baidu post bar similar. The difference is that the same topic may have different QQ group, but only a Post Bar Post Bar the same topic, traffic is relatively concentrated and the different number of QQ group; in addition, the real-time QQ group is Post Bar can match.

according to the characteristics of real-time, QQ group is suitable for the sale of virtual goods, need for real-time communication and packing, in a short period of time to attract buyers to clinch a deal, using QQ group for network marketing is the ideal product website space, e-books, software, coupons, training etc..

how to find different categories of QQ group?

QQ group announced in the official website of Tencent:, website support keyword screening different properties of QQ group. For example, the QQ group to find the stock, enter the stock to find.

how to use QQ to promote web site space business?

1, the official website of the Tencent to find Adsense QQ QQ group number;

2, with the addition of 1 groups of QQ, ready for the 10 QQ, you can add up to 100 groups every day;

3, in the group to share some practical space skills, such as filing skills;

4, each member of the group to send a separate space to sell the message, and leave the URL;

sales space is first to own that close, even feel slow space is not to think about how many customers can win, in addition to the quality, in this difficult time for the record sales, good speed Hongkong space is still good.

how to use QQ group to promote beauty business?

this method is suitable for open beauty store friends, such as in the small open area Manicure beauty shop.

1, hire salesman, each salesman has its own QQ number;

2, the salesman’s salary system and turnover linked, not only has index or work;

3, search for the beauty of the QQ group, such as "City + Beauty", "City + weight loss" "City + yoga";

4, salesman in the group to solve the beauty problem, or to share their own beauty experience, to marketing their own purposes;

5, access to trust, there will be a steady stream of friends in the group to add their own and Advisory beauty issues;

6, prepare cash vouchers, so that the salesman in the personal identity of the friends to give advice;


is suitable to the local site to encourage fusion operation, encourage local friends to do this, local websites to provide network support for them, including the placement of such QQ group number of publicity, can also encourage them to try in the local network.

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