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After Yu Jiawen, entrepreneurs how to do self marketing

recently in the critique of 90 entrepreneurs Yu Jiawen, in the last year, as this scene also appears once, when Yu Jiawen is by virtue of a "Crazy" speech video popular network, cause a lot of controversy, this time almost is modeled on, but once again as he wished. What makes us think, why do we look for these very smart people, can be a 90 young people play

two times?

1 best event marketing is on social news

first, although most of the time, he was dubbed "dishonesty have no shame", "etc.. But if you put aside the moral considerations, Yu Jiawen for their marketing is not successful. Many entrepreneurs are eager for the last headlines but has not been able to do so, a 90 entrepreneurs can be the headlines every day. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Yu Jiawen has many distinctive label, such as 90, overbearing president, entrepreneurs and so on, these tags are a strong social attributes, and the label is currently a hot topic of concern for most Internet users. In fact, I was able to get a good exposure so dense, more is not as individuals, but also represents a kind of social phenomenon, the people of his criticism or reports, is no longer for a person, but for the 90 groups or flamboyant entrepreneurs.

this means that the discussion about Yu Jiawen will be more extensive, without having to stick to the industry, and very strong communication. In fact, I told a lot of entrepreneurs in the exchange business concerns how to explode also often suggest that if you want to win more attention, do not stare at the old industry, only in the media industry, if a social news, may cause more attention. As for is not to be like Yu Jiawen so have no shame "or" not good ", see business intelligence and personal bottom line.

2 TV media is still a strong exposure platform

secondly, we see more than two times the path is almost the same as the popular, detonated his CCTV, but also with a program. What does this show? TV still is the most powerful platform for exposure, and not because of the rise of the popularity of social media and video sites and cut, and in this process, Hunan TV, Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV and other TV stations also with the new media becomes more and more powerful some of the program’s ratings, even more powerful cctv.

these years, we have always said now is the new media era, or the era from the media, but at present, the media influence attenuation is obvious, but the TV media is with the help of social media and online video platform communication channels, but the influence of unabated. Video sites in the country has nearly ten years, but there is no exclusing television life, but recently a series of major reality show fully occupied the major video website hit list.

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