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How to use content marketing to improve website traffic 10 tips

SEOer for the site, it is no doubt that the site to improve the flow of their own, but also the results of your Flash point. So, how to use content marketing to increase your website traffic? How is your website to make viral content? The following suggestions can refer to:


1, understand your target audience

if you are not a man of imagination and creativity, you can try to imagine a friend in your mind before you create something. For example, what is the age of this friend? Education? What kind of personality? How to taste? How social media habits? TA at what time, where, with what method to notice and share your content. The more you know about your target audience, the more likely it is that they will be able to get their attention and share.

2, the success of the reference role is very important

is the case for people often have a sense of trust and sense of substitution. Analyze your past successes and explore the reasons for their success, such as what kind of pictures are more likely to attract attention, which topics or titles are particularly attractive. Of course you can’t publish the same thing and expect miracles to happen again or again. You must keep on learning and adjusting until it is right and proper. Before the mastery of your target audience’s taste, is the inevitable process of trial and error.

3, to be able to stimulate audience conversation or discussion on

if your site content can not stimulate the audience dialogue and discussion, it is often not worth sharing. For example, buy the ingredients, you can make a selection of the standard: is it safe? There is no pesticide residues? Why high? Its characteristics? How to evaluate the customer?…… You need to create something new, original, interesting, and something to talk about.

4, remember: don’t offend anyone

You need to

the contents of high perspicacity but also need to adjust attitude. Topics such as politics, prejudice and so on, although it is easy to cause participation and discussion, but at the same time you may lose a large number of people with different political views and ideas.

5, "small, come straight to the point" is a must drop

era of information explosion, the fragmented way of life to people do not have much time to read you a long and minute statement (in addition to novels, professional content like, ha ha). Your target group is looking for ways to kill time anywhere, but they are also easily distracted. In general, users browse the content on the consumption in time is only 15 seconds to 1 minutes, so the content should be short, but it is best to cut to the chase. Don’t let a person see the general assembly, even say what all don’t understand!

6, touch experience, mobile life

this is the era of mobile internet. Perhaps, your content flow, more than 60% will come from the mobile terminal, so you

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