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Xuzhou SEO to see some outstanding owners in the sea of precarious calm

said a bit early, it was more than 10 years ago, I was still small, have not seen a computer, let alone the network. It was in 2005, when the spring came earlier than in previous years, the grand acquisition of sina shares, Tencent acquisition of broad Foxmail herald a new round of development opportunities have come. At the end of February, dwelling in Shanghai small alley 9flash webmaster Yang Tao got a Japanese funded enterprises of hundreds of million yuan of investment.

said the second half of 1999, Nasdaq sneezed, China’s personal website fell countless. The echo information of Carboy Internet completely manual, the fisherman’s Wharf, the prodigal son, become the ashes level worm occasionally memorial memorial; Hua Jun software park, gold bookstore, is now accepting amnesty; hot boy, fly bird fission, Gao Chunhui in the golden hill of excellence in a person, let the webmaster feel cold xiren. Elder is still so, shrimp why? Now, in the webmaster to survive the cold winter ushered in the spring of their own. Hao123, IT writing community, China Military Software Park, Gao Chunhui’s " mobile home " (, blog China, 9flash, etc.. Or get the investment, or start the scale of profitability, or start expanding business. These models, for those who are still struggling to earn traffic, ranking of the owners to provide the impetus to move forward. Some time ago a well-known website ranking mechanism Alexa database cleanup, it caused no small panic webmaster friends, said: now Alexa like Nasdaq, a personal website weathervane.

Hao123 from the alternative success of

August 31, 2004, known as China’s first personal website Hao123 sold to Baidu. Allegedly, Baidu invested 50 million yuan, plus part of Baidu equity. After the acquisition, Baidu will integrate Hao123 resources, in addition to retaining the technology development team, Hao123 management will withdraw after the acquisition of cash. Hao123, also known as the home of the site, since its establishment in 1999, has become a large number of Internet users to find information on the portal site, a group of people who are not familiar with the Chinese Web site has a considerable dependence on it. A long time ago, Baidu to provide server and broadband support, help Baidu propaganda. According to ranking statistics, traffic ranking 25 in the world ranking. began to personally go to Guangdong and Hao123 to talk about the acquisition, IDG also went to Guangdong to invest in the hao123 webmaster. Baidu is aware of the crisis, if not hit, tens of millions of yuan may be replaced with dollar bills. So a teeth also bought.

Hao123 looks like a few simple HTML pages can not be simple, this is a lot of peer incredible place. Alibaba CEO Ma for several years

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