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Taobao denies ban rebate network language is taught physical education teacher

May 20th news, according to recent media reports of "ban rebate network" news, official publication called "on the < on the rebate Taobao customers to promote the rule adjustment notice > notice", denied the rebate network Ban said, said, will continue to cooperate with the rebate site, including the shopping guide website said that the promotion and support of the rebate website.

notice also mentioned that "the language is taught physical education teacher", "it is" stop rebate website single product, single store search rebate support ‘, but by some media as a "ban rebate website", "obvious irony.

in May 15th, Ali mother issued a "notice" on the rebate Taobao customers to promote the rule adjustment, adjust the rebate type promotion rules, the industry generally believe that this move means that Taobao will be fully blocked URL query rebate. Rebate network, scouring powder it, meters off the network and other sites will be affected. The official Taobao today to deny, making the matter more intriguing.

The following is the full text of Taobao’s official response:


about the "notice" on the rebate Taobao customers to promote the rule of adjustment

these two days, issued "on the rebate Taobao customers to promote the rule adjustment notice" the announcement of the shoes very depressed. Because everyone laughed at his Chinese is taught by physical education teachers.

why it is the "stop rebate website single product, single store search rebate support", but by some media interpreted as "ban rebate website"

?But from the micro-blog

comments, you can understand the basic meaning of the promotion of the "stop" — we still support the rebate site, but need to bring more services and value to the user, rather than just a search link.

in the future we will continue to work with the website, including rebate shopping guide website, bring a healthy flow, to provide real value for consumers, the ecosystem to build a consumer, business and media development.

rebate network as an important partner of the mom, mom in future will continue to support the rebate rebate network to provide services to its members. In addition to regular cooperation, a number of key areas of the future mother of Ali and rebate network will be in Taobao mobile brand, shopping, travel, beauty, electric city and other more in-depth cooperation, more open API interface to enhance the user’s shopping experience.

in addition, Ali mom will strengthen the rebate network as the representative of Taobao customers and businesses between the communication platform, deepen mutual understanding between the two sides, to help businesses make better use of Taobao off this important flow of resources.

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