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Beijing two WAP jurisprudence site seized two suspects detained after 80

, a Hebei farmer do mobile phone website in Beijing, in order to increase the click rate to upload pornographic articles, the results still no return home farming, eventually Beijing jingfangxingju. 15, Beijing police said, two porn sites were seized, two 80 suspects jingfangxingju.

farmers do jurisprudence site arrested

November 26th, the police received clues, called TXT novel network of mobile phone WAP website pornographic information.

the site has an adult fiction area, although the said minors are not allowed to enter, please consciously abide by the user, but one of the 12 articles for pornographic content. From March to November this year, the site hits more than 90 thousand times.

police investigation, 23 year old Li Mouyou, Baoding, Hebei, suspected of committing a crime. In December 1st, the police rushed to the Baoding City Dingxing County, and Lee control.

Lee said that at the beginning of this year, he bought 120 yuan per year price of the network domain name, upload more than 10 pornographic articles to increase the click through rate, in order to attract advertisers investment. A month after the site without any effect. He gave up the maintenance of the site, back to the old household farming.

dissemination of pornographic content profit

in the police found "TXT novel network" on the same day, known as "tyrannical naked campus" (domain name another mobile phone WAP website also entered the line of sight of the police. The web site provides a large number of pornographic links to browse pornographic videos, pictures, novels, etc..

on the evening of December 2nd, police investigators in Tianjin, Jinghai pornographic video, image communicators, 23 year old Zhao control. Zhao said that he spread pornographic videos, pictures, advertising supplies issued to profit more than 1500 yuan.

at present, Lee and Zhao suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, has been Beijing police criminal detention. Provide site server and domain name Beijing company has also been ordered deadline for rectification, and administrative penalties.

Beijing police said that this year the police have seized more than 23200 kinds of pornographic information, more than more than 600 websites, close the site more than 40 columns.


340 thousand website police record not much

reported yesterday, Beijing police said that this year in a number of special operations to crack down on the network of 14 cases of pornographic criminal cases, arrested the suspect, a total of 25 people.

at present, Beijing police have set up a "virtual booth" in the city’s main portal site, on the "virtual police" animation image on the Internet to patrol, "web 110" way to accept the network illegal crime clues to the police, a person responsible for handling. This year, a total of more than 17400 police received more than one, of which more than 890 pornographic clues.

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