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Guangzhou Daily micro-blog SNS website to repeat the mistakes

mode is similar, user bonding is not high, some of the information content is empty

day before Gmail, on the basis of Google based on micro-blog Buzz officially launched, the industry called "Twitter killer, a knife in the neck of the facebook".

coincidentally, micro-blog also more and more intense competition in the domestic, due to various factors, micro-blog boss Twitter has not yet officially entered the China market, micro-blog began to lead the trend of the domestic large portal Sina, Baidu, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, will keep being released last year, micro-blog’s platform, a competition for micro-blog the outbreak of war escalated.

, however, how the strong competitors in each country is the current talent shows itself in the micro blog to consider the issue of micro-blog this social model how to get further development is also the site and the whole industry need to think about.

Shackles: three minutes heat + content void

has a lot of users who have been registered as a reporter, said at the beginning of madness, now a bit tired of the. Micro-blog, of course, there are a lot of interesting and timely information, but there are many spam". The netizen’s sharply pointed out the shortcomings of the current domestic micro-blog, "but mainly through computer login micro-blog, with the happy net and QQ compared to what advantage". Some netizens also said that micro-blog is like a melting pot, log in every day encounter information bombing, but found that the vast majority of garbage.

insiders said that although the number of domestic micro blog users grow rapidly, but still far from the extent of the general public to achieve large-scale application.

as two years ago was booming SNS social networking site, the micro-blog website, in addition to explore the profit model, how to strengthen the cohesion of the users is a big problem facing. Popularity is the basis for the survival of social networking sites, with a large and stable user groups, in order to make microblogging social networking sites active and content can be issued, on this basis it is possible to achieve profitability.

earlier foreign media pointed out that, in fact, Twitter is only the surface scenery, in fact, the user is not active. Harvard University business school in May last year, a random survey of 300 thousand Twitter users show that most users do not post, just look at. Twitter is more like an instant broadcast platform. Harvard University, the survey data also show that 10% of Twitter users contributed more than 90% of the post volume, Twitter is more like a one to many publishing platform.

future: with the mobile phone is the future direction of development

Twitter can get such a huge amount of users, and support a variety of mobile phone operating system has an important relationship. In addition to the information released by users, Twitter also supports RSS, and has a huge number of client software, is almost completely open microblogging services.


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