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Google registered 18 . China domain name the next big chess

Google is trying to pass a series of actions for the future development of the Chinese market to clear the possibility of obstacles. Recently, some media reports said, Google China has registered google. China, adsense. China, nexus. China and other 18 "China" domain name, covering many of its products. Behind the generous registration also led to the outside world, some speculation that Google is still hopeful about the Chinese market, and even return to the mainland market.

, the famous IT commentator Cao Yueping believes that the 18 domain name registration or release a signal, the global search giant will still be China as a key market. The China Mobile Internet industry alliance Secretary General Lee Yi believes that the registration of Chinese domain name is only Google registered protection, there is no return to China, said, not to mention Google never left china. However, Google China declined to comment.

protective registration layout China market

it is understood that the Google registered domain names include: adsense., adwords., android. Chinese Chinese China, blogspot., chrome., chromium. China China China, doubleclick., gmail., google. China China China, googlemail., googlemaps., googleplus. Chinese China China, igoogle., nexus., orkut. China Chinese Chinese, picasa., postini., youtube. China Chinese China etc..

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the domain name covers all business, including Google abandoned iGoogle and Orkut services, Google ads, email, browser, video, maps, Android systems has become the focus of business.

, which is the main profit Google advertising profit model, which supports the huge search Google engineering. The registration of the "adsense. China" (advertising alliance), "adwords. China" (keyword advertising), doubleclick. China (advertising exchange services), etc..

April 1, 2004, Google announced the launch of e-mail service Gmail, the Gmail registered 2 domain names, namely gmail. China, googlemail. china.

Cao Yueping believes that there had been that Google has "left" China mainland market, but as of now, Google Chinese executives have been publicly acknowledged this point, and the 18 domain name registration or the release of a signal, the global search giant will still Chinese as the focus of the market.

and this seems to fit the status quo of Google china. Earlier this month, few public appearances >

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