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How to just 50 yuan to make your brand exposure million

50 yuan can do what? Many buddy have questions, 50 yuan can only send a soft, not including writing, how can millions of times and brand exposure together? In fact, it is not difficult to do, this method is the use of large force, to promote their brand, and ultimately the formation of millions the level of exposure, so the question is, what is this heavyweight brands? Small in his own racing team raise sponsorship experience for everyone to do a case analysis of




we all know, the car is burn campaign, how to burn the money? The audience can sell a single value to calculate burn, if there is no audience, it is dry. The car’s sponsorship is mainly reflected in the car body advertising, the car can not go on the road, only to run in the track, so he participated in the form of the game determines his value. As mentioned earlier, the car racing team to raise the public if you want to make $50 advertising million brand exposure, you must participate in the corresponding scale of the race, the problem is…… China such a tournament?

National Rally Championship (CRC)

the answer is yes, the National Rally Championship (hereafter referred to as CRC) is one such event.

TV: CRC report by CCTV, Central People’s broadcasting station, and other media, and live or taped events. According to incomplete statistics, last year to watch the national TV audience of nearly one billion people, the total television broadcast time of nearly 150 minutes.



newspaper: CRC report by the people’s daily, China car daily, economic daily, China business times, Guangming Daily, China sports daily, Chinese Youth Daily, Sports Weekly, southern sports, Beijing Youth Daily, daily, Xinhua news agency, Chinese news agency, held a number of newspapers and news agency.

magazine: CRC report by the friends of the car, car, car, car and motor. And you, car magazines, Chinese Autobild, fans, Chinese magazine, car market, car F1 and other media reporting.



network: CRC by Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals, and, news website, and Chinese Federation of automobile sports official website, car network, China car network and a number of media publicity website.

racing team sponsorship is how to raise public

racing team sponsored the full name of the public to raise awareness of the charm of dust to listen to the sound of the engine speed, is by the speed

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