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15 recommendations for social media marketing

recently read a book on social media, and now some of the notes into a column, translated out, hoping to do some social media friends help.

1, when you issue any Facebook information, tweet, post, Email, ask yourself:

a) is this information valuable to the recipient, or does it bother them?

b) if you are a customer, would you like to receive this information?

2, the weekend is the best time to carry out social media marketing.

3, do not know what to update the contents of the book to write your customers like things, do not talk about your company’s products, services, but to explore the interests of customers. Empathy, as a customer, what content allows you to click on the like button. Write at least ten content that will allow the customer to like.

4, observe and record the topics your customers are talking about, including those that seem unrelated to your company. Based on these records, discuss your social media.

5, does your company have a job to work with customers, such as naming new products, designing new logo, selecting the most popular products, etc..

6, before content updates to social media, can be sent to your friends to see if they feel that this information is useful, or do you think you are advertising or bragging about how the company.

7, Europe and the United States customers prefer the degree of preference code beyond your imagination. If your product can offer discounts, try.

8, share your company’s creation process, and even can be encountered in the development process, and so on, can enhance the credibility of your company in the hearts of customers. Credibility is a big problem for Chinese companies to find ways to make your customers / prospects feel that you are reliable.

9, see if there is anything else worth talking about in your company, such as office photos, production photos, employee stories, vacation photos, and so on.

10, to share the company’s recent events, such as new cooperation, a record number of orders, delivery speed, etc..

11, to explore the characteristics of the product, compared with competitors, what are the unique advantages of your products, the quality is good or low price, or after sale?.

12, locate your loyal customers. As long as you are not bad terrible, there are always people who love you are, know where they are, and then see can provide them with additional benefits, encourage them to friends or in the community to share his shopping experience, if your guests there are opinion leaders, do not let them go, can negotiate with them comparison of the depth of cooperation.


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