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Lecture new money counter attack only requires the execution

and bad known for a long time, the first time in Guangzhou last year loose frat party know, bad also came, first met him, he was attracted to the hearty laughter.


(Lu Songsong and bad in Guangzhou photo)

met a lot of talk about Taobao off, micro business, brand promotion topic, let me open a lot of vision. Such a chat with him, think he is a dry cargo people, because everyone else is talking trend, only bad in details.

understand the details of the people, must be the actual combat experience.

this is not so bad about March to counter attack forum to do a public share, to 1100 for the period YY voice, which lasts for two hours, the following is the last night of recording share, listen carefully, get to you.

: Lecture fourteenth bad four-dimensional map:



bad news to share the classic quotes:

[1] now we see the drawbacks of micro business: pressure goods, brainwashing, engage in training, they just do not tell how to sell the goods.

[2] high income groups have the following characteristics: 1, sexual life is not harmonious. 2, family discord. 3, circle of friends is not harmonious.

[3] high-income groups have the following characteristics: 1, do illegal business, he can sell the thing of 8 cents, selling 300. 2, the accumulation of particularly strong, can long, this person may not accumulate a short duration of time. Such as pine brother. 3, do intermediary, do resources. Code platform, the platform is relying on the amount of accumulation, ready to make a profitable project, registered micro signal, now registered a micro signal is 2-4 fast, bad has bought a micro signal 5W dollars. 4, do training can make money.

[4] novice to make money in the early need only one thing: execution

[5] God every time to share the contents of each are the same.

[6] the highest conversion rate is specialty.

[7] people to the WeChat group, how to make everyone active red hair skills, according to an average of 5 cents a person to send, the 80 people of $4. Some more, some people take less, it is not fair. Hair products, 30 WeChat group, the average of each WeChat group will be out of 2 single.

[8] recruit a lot of agents a day there are two kinds of people: 1, he has data, just a talk about the agent can be found. 2, he has executive power.

[9] how to manage the WeChat group: WeChat group number, constantly add group, a number continued >

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