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t relies on strong marketing positioning high net profit of 1 billion 700 million yuan per year

not all are called Deluxe milk". The explosion of the product market in ten years, has maintained a rapid growth, continued until 2016, has achieved annual revenues of over ten billion yuan.

due to the accumulation in marketing and communication in the high-end positioning Chinese reputation, most consumers have accepted the "high-end, high priced Deluxe". In addition to buy their own drink, but also the formation of a certain gift function. During the holidays, visiting patients, many people will carry two boxes.

high price (250ml*12 box of about 70 yuan), coupled with a good market, the success of the product to Mengniu brought high profits.


statistics, telunsu Mengniu company all occupy about 70%~80% of profits, according to its 2015 annual profit of 2 billion 367 million yuan to count, this single product the annual net profit of up to about 1 billion 700 million yuan.

drive in Deluxe huge profits, the emergence of a new product system Chinese: high-end milk, Dairy Queen quickly launched the "Golden" series of products, three yuan launched the "extreme"; the light is "plus", at the same time, Mengniu modern animal husbandry, animal husbandry is also the name of high tech so, under the banner of the rapid rise of organic.

"high-end milk" this special product category, in the vigorous development of China market, supply and demand. It is not only the reason for the success of marketing, but also with the changing needs of the people are inseparable.

high-end milk: successful marketing routines

said that high-end milk marketing is "routine", which is a very important reason, is the omnipresent, omnipresent advertising, and a lot of high rates of health care products, pharmaceuticals, beverages, wine is quite similar.

advertising bombing, large-scale marketing investment, is one of the most critical factor in the success of many high margin products can be achieved. In the beverage industry, from Coca-Cola to Wang Laoji, jiaduobao two brands of herbal tea, as well as the Rio RIO flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum cocktails and so on, are so.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola every year for a large number of marketing budget in the world to sign all kinds of celebrity endorsements, and has a high reputation in the case is still in the large-scale advertising unremittingly.

herbal tea products from Guangdong became popular in the country, insist for a long time in the major TV constantly advertised, became one of the largest gold master variety show, Rio cocktails are also relying on various TV programs to implant and hard to promote, first create a new beverage category.

Rewards allure men to brave danger. Chinese and foreign beverage companies in the classic marketing case after another, you can write hundreds of marketing textbooks. "Pepsi, the choice of a new generation", "afraid Wanglaoji drink", often with the brain, drink six walnut, every successful marketing plan, all >

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