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Discussion on profit mode and promotion method of website navigation station

The first part of the

: site navigation station profit

1: Alliance advertising, but also the most conventional conventional way of profit.

2: search alliance advertising, you may not rely on Baidu does not rely on Google, but Baidu Google can not rely on the navigation station.

3: recommended links, like hao123, 265 station, recommend a home page link should be priced in the tens of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

4: to promote their own business, such as webmaster navigation network can be promoted for the webmaster domain name host, website design, templates, source code and other services.

5: other ways to make money: for example, a local navigation station, you can hang the local brand advertising.

second part: site navigation station profit

1, Ghost system settings default home page.

have a lot to do before the break the system of the forum, such as wind, depth. The default home page for the system is set up as their site navigation station. Thus was born the 114, 1616 and a number of visibility and traffic high site navigation station. Although the tomato garden is harmonious, and later, ylmf depth, computer company special edition stopped to break the system update and release, but there is still a lot of fear of death in crack system. The reason why these people rush into danger, it is coveted piece of cake site navigation station.

2, software installation to modify the home page.

Have their own web site navigation

Pinyin Gaga, universal five pen, eMule, fashion, Vagaa, QQKav and other free software, when users install or use the software, home page will be modified into a software company site navigation station. Http:// in the promotion of the use of this method, a week’s time IP rose from 0 to 46 thousand IP. So far, Baidu and Google are not included, but so much of the IP really surprising, mainly due to the repair tool provided by the home page.

3, search engine rankings.

buy search engine keywords. 57du is a good example, although the site is not a good name of the navigation station, awareness is not high, but the page and do like 520. 57du bought some keywords for Telecom 114 search. Careful friends may find that the site error out of the telecommunications 114 pages, if the site is related to the navigation station search, ranked in the first place is certainly the site.

4, domain parking page advertising

recently found that many web pages are the same and a web site navigation links to a web site called 57 degree navigation. The site’s page is relatively simple, is an original site navigation station, there is no other copyright information, but from the home page to see the ad, it should be the name of the rich web site navigation station. This also >

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