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Wedding photography industry common network marketing

computers and networks for the photographic industry, the business is very much contact. So in addition to the traditional off-line advertising, the use of network advertising is also a lot of studio studio will try the way. But the network is different from the real life, so the network promotion in the specific operation and the line will be a lot of different. If the understanding and understanding of the network is not enough, blindly began to promote the network, the result is often spent a lot of money, but the customer has not brought a.

below we introduce the wedding photography industry several common network promotion methods are introduced and analyzed:

a bidding

so-called bidding advertising is through the purchase of search engine keyword search results page ranking position. For example, we at Baidu, Google, Tencent in soso search "Sanya wedding photography" will see at the top of the search results are merchants buy for advertising.

"Sanya wedding photography" is a key word, and many are ready to go to Sanya to shoot wedding photos will be used by a new keyword. Therefore, by paying to Baidu and other search engines, you can seize the good position in the search results, it will also be easier for the intention of customers through the search engine to attract business website, so as to improve the volume. At the same time for the photographic industry, the investment is also very competitive bidding, mostly on the monthly or even tens of thousands of dollars of advertising investment.

advertising is a very efficient way of publicity on the Internet, as long as you were from the advertising customers more income than you for the cost of investment, then the network promotion means is worth to use. In fact, there has been a lot of studio studio are taking this way to promote the network, there are a lot of very good results, of course, will also have the promotion effect is not very good.

in fact, the truth seems to be very simple promotion, but it is not the money can be immediately effective. In particular, the optimization of the key words set up skills and unit price control is directly determine the success or failure of the factors of your promotion. Many of the details are not handled properly will directly lead to the cost of waste or even no effect. At the same time, for most small and medium-sized studio studio, several million monthly advertising costs are not able to bear, so small and medium-sized studio studio will need to master other low cost and effective network promotion methods.

two search engine optimization SEO (SEO related knowledge link)

the purpose of promotion is to search in the search engine ranking. The purpose of the search engine optimization is also the same as the price promotion. In Baidu and other search engines, the first page of the search results in addition to the promotion of the website, there are 10 natural rankings of the site. Therefore, the purpose of SEO is to allow the site to occupy a better position in the natural ranking of the home page. Of course, this kind of work is not like Baidu and other search engines to pay.

with many merchants

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