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Cross-border electricity supplier e-mail marketing need to be vigilant seven errors

email is known as a cost-effective Internet marketing tool, but cross-border business email marketing and email marketing compared to the domestic electricity supplier if there is a big difference, using the rules and characteristics of it you don’t understand, it is often difficult to achieve the desired results. Just imagine, originally should bring us a lot of orders, an important channel to maintain customer loyalty, finally get blocked a large number of customers complaints and ISP, even affect the brand reputation, it will be some The loss outweighs the gain.

Focussend as a professional provider of e-mail marketing to remind cross-border electricity providers to pay attention to avoid the following mail marketing 7 errors:

1, collect customer information and email address from outside

At present the problem of

data, may be one of the cross-border electricity mishap. Since the target customers overseas, to obtain the customer’s e-mail address, personal information of these data is difficult, in the absence of professional guidance, some cross-border business enterprise styled, buying and collecting customer data from outside, and as a consequence, whether the mail address is correct or not, to a complete unknown people send e-mail marketing content, is to look for a needle in the ocean, if your products are not interested in, the result can only be blacklisted.

the most important thing is that the brand image has been damaged, it will be more difficult for the other side to carry out marketing. Europe and the United States and other countries is the main target of cross-border electricity supplier market, users generally have a strong sense of license, for unauthorized to send e-mail to the mailbox, will only provoke discontent.

2, no timely management of existing data

some of the cross-border electricity supplier for the existing customer database and lack of effective management, leading to customer data overall quality is not high, the mail sent to the overseas high hard back, high and low rate of open soft back.

if some companies do not put the email marketing data as a systematic project to manage, not for the customer data by age, identity or nature of high activity, high frequency of purchase and other dimensions are subdivided comprehensive management. Some enterprises even more updates are saved based email address to the wrong address, delete and other basic data. A large number of invalid e-mail address to send, increase the cost of transmission and can not achieve good results.

3, do not attach importance to overseas channels and rules

many overseas mail service providers, such as Hotmail, Gmail, IP server will have no fixed intercept messages, and overseas ISP reporting rules in spam, blacklist, complaints, and data transmission requirements more stringent, if too many complaints will be sealed. Focussend email marketing experts say if your email is often overseas ISP intercept mail rate is not ideal, he does not have the resources and technical ability, then or try to consider to choose the one with a fixed IP address of the overseas mail marketing service providers, can significantly enhance the effect of delivery.

4, customer consumption >

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