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Some knowledge and experience of the personal skills of Forum promotion

said that the Forum promotion, but also a lot of headaches. Promote the use of the forum can be a short time to bring considerable traffic to the site, you can also leave a lot of the chain for the SEO lay the foundation, you can also improve the brand exposure to expand brand awareness. But the forum is not a simple thing to promote, to have enough good writing skills, patience and skills, really a headache thing. Here to say I wrote some of the forum posts and experience.

1, the title to novel. To promote the forum must first be the title of the party, the title is the first impression of the user to see the post, the appropriate increase in the appropriate number of special symbols in the title, so that the title in the post list prominent. A thundering, Madden title to let more people to click, if the content is high enough quality, novel enough, can popular each big forum in a short period of time, get countless reproduced. Your promotion link and the title of the title and you must send the content, the main purpose is to bring the flow and increase the chain, but also pay attention to the word of mouth and user experience, not to promote and promotion.

2, see. The Forum promotion requires a large number of articles, sometimes you may not have something to write, try a forum hot posts or posts essence to another forum, the promotion content can be slightly modified in price, also can be in the signature and the top post from now. And hit the edge ball. Taking advantage of people’s curiosity, walking with pornography, which inevitably are suspected of cheating, but the effect is still there. I have earned a chicken experience for the first time, to bring hundreds of IP site, fifty registered users.

4, the use of hot topics. We often say that the current marketing or marketing news has a great advantage, people of some news, hot topic often will be very concerned about, even very concerned with some hearsay. The use of people eager to know the trend of the development of the psychology of this news, we can make a big article, there is a friend to do a promotion to write an article about Yan Fengjiao, the flow of two days to break the million. Of course, this will be the topic of current events and to promote the combination of content is still a little bit more difficult, more usually pay attention to the news topic, there is a keen insight into the news.

5, resource sharing. Suitable for professional forum, upload the information inside can bring websites and promotional materials, as a ten, ten hundred, the propaganda effect is achieved. Some forums can not upload data and more stringent management cannot link can put their mailbox open out, called direct mail need to contact, and then set the mailbox automatic reply, the resources required and promotional information sent in the past.

6, question and answer form. Forum was originally used to communicate to users, very strong interaction. You can turn a topic, please help users to answer, of course, the real purpose is to use the vest to answer the question, and speculation. So to promote the contents of the top posts appear, the audit will not be so strict.

7, top posts. To search the web site or the content to be promoted

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