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First you have to start your own business as a start-up company

to a large extent, how do you define success, both for you and your company will have an impact. Even if you fail, you are not a loser in the entrepreneurial system. Because people who have tried to start a business know that the entrepreneurial process can give a person a wealth of personal growth experience.


but there’s another dimension to our attention: startups are doing business, after all. The purpose of a startup is to create products that people need and to fulfill their responsibilities to employees and investors. So from a technical point of view, the purpose of the completion of the establishment of venture capital company is the ultimate goal.

if you’re a young founder of a startup, then you’re going to face two very different attitudes in general:

1. No matter what the outcome, you are the final winner.

2. The result is everything. You’d better get ready for it. If you fail to achieve your goal, you fail.

for these two attitudes, my personal opinion is a compromise, and I will put forward another attitude for you to consider: your start-up company is a microcosm of you.

I firmly believe that this is true, because it is the founder of the company’s core ideas and culture, and the founder of the daily decisions taken will also affect the final results.

the following chart reflects your product or business’s lean entrepreneurial ring.


your product and service iterations follow this cycle diagram, but your impact is always there, and they exist in the form of "ideas". If both companies are based on the same idea, the difference between the two is that the founders and the people behind them.

even if your current product fails, when you work hard to create a new product, you will still be in the form of "ideas" have an impact on it. And as we mature, our thoughts become mature. We will reduce the number of impulse and self willed, and keep pace with the team.

so when busy running a start-up company, in fact, you are in the business of two start-up companies, one is the product, one is you. It is only when you see the product as a goal that you can be promoted. But if you don’t, then your personal growth will not stop. You will repeat. You’ll get better next time, and your job will be the same.

to some extent, you are now running a start-up company is the product of your personal growth. Thus the two complement each other.

in order to grow, the following are some of the links you need to continue to strengthen your personal growth:

1. The relationship between the founders – if you feel

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