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September 1st do not need to check the phone card real name or be stopped

– mobile phone real name system policy changes


MIIT announced the implementation of mobile phone users real name registration system, when there is no clear legal provisions to support the implementation of the effect is not ideal

December 2012

National People’s Congress promulgated the decision on strengthening the protection of network information, the protection of personal information and personal telephone users of the real name system into the legal level

July 2013

Ministry of industry and information technology issued a "telecommunications and Internet users personal information protection regulations" and "telephone user’s true identity information registration regulations"

September 1, 2013

The formal implementation of

true identity of the phone user registration information, the Ministry in various localities and enterprises a comprehensive inspection on the organization to conduct unannounced visits to 14 provinces

social marketing channels

February 2014

MIIT announced the new phone users real name rate of 99.1%, all telephone users real name rate of 82.4%

December 31, 2014

Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued the "telephone" black card "governance special action plan", from January 1, 2015 onwards in the country to carry out a one-year call "black card" governance special action

September 1st office phone card on the spot for identity verification

according to the Xinhua News Agency reported, from September 1st onwards, telecom enterprises in the marketing channel through all kinds of mobile phone card sales, will ask the user to show their identity documents, and on the spot in the second generation ID card reader to verify. This will increase the technical and equipment support for the phone real name system.

business office to remind customers to go through the formalities of

yesterday morning, Mr. Sun came to the Changchun public square street near the people’s mobile satellite through the operating room for business, a notice posted at the entrance door caught his attention, "since August 1st, if there is no registration information or registration information is incomplete and inaccurate you can take my ID number, card and mobile phone card business hall to the real name registration system." Within the specified period of time, such as if the real name registration will not do?."

yesterday, the reporters came to see the new culture of Mr. Sun "the business hall bulletin", in front of the glass door with a printed on A4 paper of the "notice", before the above content with Mr. Sun described it.

is not a real name phone or be shutdown

out of the operating room, the reporter in the next door Unicom business hall, consulting the same problem. Although this business hall door did not post the announcement, but the staff here said, in accordance with relevant state departments and

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