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Adsense network broadcast Tencent micro-blog commercial letter can easily shake WeChat

1 Luo Zhenyu success is difficult to copy: since the media is facing difficulties in the commercialization of channels

hit show "logic thinking Youku" speaker Luo Zhenyu recently launched online membership raising activities have been surprisingly successful: 6 hours, 5000 yuan price of the 200 founding members, and 500 of the price of 1200 yuan a member of all sold out, raise the amount of up to 1 million 600 thousand yuan.


is considered as a new media business model milepost, because before this, the former Tencent technology editor Cheng Ling Feng led from the media practitioners still "content + advertising", is more like the traditional media model.


2 CCTV evening? Content, promotion and income growth significantly fade

do you remember the recent CCTV overtake what hit


don’t remember? Congratulations! You’re still young. The TV industry audience aging is recognized and status quo, especially cctv. This trend is not nearly one or two years before. In 2006, the "radio blue book" there is such a description: "CCTV strong audience audience, including male 45 years of age or older audience and personal monthly income of 601-2600 yuan between the people, cadres, weak viewing group for young audiences, the female audience, low income and high income groups……"

aging fans surrounded, is content, promotion and income growth are showing style of cctv.


3 Tencent micro-blog commercialization: similar competitive bidding mode "wisdom"

[TechWeb] News reported in August 20th, after a period of deliberation, the Tencent micro-blog officially began commercial advertising, "Newell push" recently on-line information flow, currently has access to more than and 500 advertisers, which can be purchased through keywords push advertising to users.

data show that Tencent micro-blog has 540 million registered users, active users on the 81 million day, the number of days per capita refresh for the 20 time, the amount of each refresh message 30. Newell push logic is to push back operation according to user habits and micro-blog advertising content, trigger candidate set, finally select the most relevant advertising push, the whole platform 1 billion 600 million times a day the brand presents opportunities.

According to

reports, Newell tuibei by big data platform of Tencent, is the essence of intelligent semantic analysis and accurate context matching technology of native advertising model based on "push the most appropriate advertising in the most appropriate time". Tencent micro-blog intelligent push product manager, said the wisdom of the main push to promote the use of >

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