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Foursquare global registered users more than 20 million

news April 17th, geographical location sign service Foursquare in its third year anniversary (4sqDay year April 16th) announced, Foursquare global registered users has more than 20 million people, in the total amount of more than 2 billion times.

Foursquare also said that as long as the user at any time to sign in service today, you can get the 4sqDay medal in 2012.

Foursquare said in a statement: "the users of Foursquare for the first time in 2010 launched the 4sqDay anniversary (Translation: Foursquare by Four-square two words together, that is the square of 4), and two years later, we are happy to announce that Foursquare has more than 20 million people in the world’s registered users. In the total amount of more than 2 billion times. Thank you for all your attention to Foursquare, your support for Foursquare to maintain rapid growth."

Foursquare registered users to maintain rapid growth over the past year. The company announced in June last year, its registered users has exceeded 10 million people. This means that in less than a year, Foursquare registered users increased by nearly 10 million.

Foursquare’s rapid growth has also attracted the attention of investors. In June last year, led by Andreessen Horowitz investment group to invest $50 million. Participate in this investment also includes O’Relilly Alpha Ventures and Uuion Square Ventures and other institutions, such as Tech.

in addition to investors, the success of the Foursquare in the location of the service market has attracted the attention of competitors. Including Facebook, Google, including companies have launched a related service.

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