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The fourth week of June, the global domain name TOP15 network and DNSPOD business growth significant

IDC network ( on July 9th reported: according to the latest data show that in the fourth week of June (June 24th -6 30), the global domain name service provider market top fifteen list in smooth water, without any changes, is still WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM to the total amount of domain 36537157, occupy the championship position, also China great advantage; the service provider Chinese and DNSPOD kept seventh and all ninth positions, their total domain were achieved net growth. Next, take a look at the detailed data analysis of this week’s IDC.


(Figure 1) the domain name of the domain name service provider domain map (as of 2014/06/30)

as shown in Figure 1, in the fourth week of June, the global DNS service providers in the top fifteen list, and no change compared to last week, still is the service provider WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM to a dominant momentum to win. While China’s two service providers still ranked seventh and the top ninth.


(Figure 2) fourth week June global domain name resolution service provider TOP15 (as of 2014/06/30)

Figure 2

observation data, IDC comments on the network learned in the fourth week of June the global DNS service provider list, a total of 10 U.S. service providers into the list, in addition China two, Germany, France and Australia have a.

at the top of the domain name WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM, total 36537157, a net decrease of 314, while the share of up to 26.8457%; in contrast, the runner up NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM significantly increased the rate of total: the domain name is 3429917, compared with last week, a net increase of 14616, while the share rose to 2.5201%, or 0.0112%.

in addition, it is worth mentioning that the Chinese domain name resolution service providers. Ranked seventh in the China million net, rose to 1762645 in the total domain this week, a net increase of 13782, the chain rose increased, while the share of small to 1.2951%; DNSPOD.NET ranked ninth, the total domain of 1580542, a net increase of 1456, compared with last week, rose sharply reduced, while the share of 1.1613%.

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