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More than half of China’s nternet users to abandon the store

can not deny that online shopping has become an indispensable part of many people’s lives". China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released in Beijing thirty-fourth China Internet development statistics report. The "report" shows that as of June 2014, Chinese users reached 632 million; online shopping users reached 332 million, an increase of 29 million 620 thousand compared to the end of 2013, half the growth rate of 9.8%; the proportion of Internet users use online shopping first break 50%, reaching 52.5%. Rarely go to the mall, no time, do not want to look at the four digit clothes liver pain." Consumers Wang Xi more and more like online shopping. Wang Xi’s online shopping experience is from Dangdang start, then cheap temptation let her hesitate to abandon the fight today from the entity bookstore Dangdang, T-shirt, pants and shoes to the charger, LED bulb, she cannot do without online shopping.

According to Wang Xi

, the outsider three thousand or four thousand clothing, she usually takes only two hundred or three hundred will be able to successfully start, this let her have a sense of achievement, and the "unconditional return", "first pay plan", "Alipay" increasingly perfect courier system security mechanism is to let her down guard".

in the first half of 2014, the growth of online shopping user size is mainly due to the improvement of the basic environment and enhance the quality of enterprise services. On the basis of the improvement of the environment, the online shopping environment has improved integrity, the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments to intensify efforts to rectify the market, against fake. Online shopping choice risk reduction, the new consumer protection law stipulates that online shopping 7 days no reason to return. Awareness of the whole society to achieve a high level of network transactions, with the sense of network sales of Internet users and online shopping awareness ratio of more than 80%.

The quality of service

business promotion is mainly reflected in three aspects: to enhance the efficiency of logistics services business platform, courier companies launch reservation and delivery day delivery services, logistics services from the competition who sent farthermostly, who sent the fastest to whotakes most; enterprise to vigorouslypromote mobile terminal shopping market the explosive growth of the business enterprise competition holiday promotions, mobile shopping discount rate; online shopping application mode of innovation to achieve precision marketing, enterprise big data application based on C2B launch customized sales model, to better match the needs of individual users.

according to statistics, China’s retail prices over the past 5 years rose by 1.8 times, while the network in the past two years, retail prices rose by a factor of 19 times. There is no doubt that the electricity supplier does bring affordable and convenient and strong economic power and unlimited potential, with the development of mobile terminal, logistics and professional operation, APP and other supporting hardware and software, business prospects and big data, micro-blog, WeChat and other combination can be unlimited, the store can not do.

in fact, now more and more real enterprises have begun to use the Internet thinking to embrace the changes brought by the network management, model innovation, big data, consumers and so on all kinds of changes. "O2O" allows us to have more ideas about future business models

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