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The public to raise the site was accused of experiencing a temporary shutdown dilemma

[review] to raise public network project category only technology, design, film and other activities, the project, not a "news".


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on December 30th

once bustling "news all the chips are domestic encounter real difficulties. Tencent was informed that the science and technology, the network’s letter of financial congregation raised online "news" category has recently been cautious to "information", and then hit the "downgrade", "other" to be archived by the search column, to find previously existing "news to raise public projects.

technology open Tencent to raise public network, click initiated project, found in the "project categories" only technology, design, activities, television, publishing, football, and other car, not a "news".

why news all the chips will suddenly offline? According to informed sources, the move is to raise public network, raise public network to be interviewed Beijing relevant departments in the introduction of this model.

The so-called "

news to raise, refers to the media reporters from the media or people in the news network to raise launch plan, and to raise funds, if within a set time, to achieve the desired amount of funding, the money will be used to support the media reports or carry out investigation.

November 29th, the congregation raised the official release of the network’s first news congregation to raise the platform for all types of media entertainment, fashion, automotive, sports, real estate, the Internet and other content to provide public financing services. The platform has been on-line poetry, fashion, luxury, hand travel, bitcoin, entrepreneurship and other topics related to ecological projects, and basically complete the financing objectives.

letter financial network CEO Sheng Jia said publicly, who failed to appear in newspapers but flashing a creative spark topic might be able to get through all the way to raise the newborn. In a sense, the public to raise the media for those who have the idea to pursue new ways to provide media.

from the media to the public to raise the news of this news industry innovation, especially because of the shortage of funds can not operate the topic of media. All the media can be raised for the pursuit of ideas from the media to provide access to funding channels.

news congregation is a new concept in the country, but in foreign countries is not new, the most famous news to raise public website was founded in 2008. However, the domestic public to raise the development is more like a flash in the pan.

, a veteran of Tencent technology, said the biggest problem raised by the public is likely to become a financial aid to cater to the producer, and deviate from the objective, impartial and so do the basic requirements of the news. In addition, the congregation to raise the media from the media to reduce the threshold of the press, facing regulatory risks.

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