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Blue mans science and technology were cut off the network without a loss of customer rights activist

25 PM, Zhangjiajie travel net webmaster to Admin5 webmaster reflect on Xiamen Lanmang Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lanmang technology") Zhanjiang telecommunications room server network is suddenly interrupted, the phone contact customer service and sales staff are not taken, and cut the Lanmang technology website after the network has been unable to access.

According to

Lanmang technology affected customers that its hosting in the Lanmang Zhanjiang telecommunications room multiple servers in 22, about half past one in the afternoon without broken network, so far the Lanmang technology did not give specific reasons for broken network, only said telecommunications hardware failure, if the user extracting from the server, need to provide IP, property rights name, contact person and telephone network, to restore as soon as possible after the schedule.


statement for the Lanmang technology, customers suffer questioned, and some friends broke the news, Lanmang technology may use because half of the C IP address, and the existing problems of Zhanjiang Telecom bandwidth access is banned.

at present, the blue mans technology off the network event of the victims of the customer has set up rights QQ group (activist group number: 165990823).

webmaster network will be tracking reports on the matter.

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