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Pay off pay Bao, know, sesame from Xian rentiao afraid of drag racing it is the last winner

curious is definitely a tie, but for so little to keep up with the Joneses heart hidden, when Alipay told you "occupation information binding, binding degree, vehicle information input, information input provident fund" to help enhance the time points for the 750 sesame, "honor", you hold


do not know how bad friends this weekend?

but poor Jun believe we are "pay Bao" the word Shuabing…

national husband’s micro-blog


In fact, it was

Alipay is eager to do social everyone knows that, since the last "in Wufu, scoring 2 hundred million on this thing you can see that Alipay is really anxious not, money can not, can not do social



interface Wufu activities


probably thought of this activity is from an acquaintance with each other to share with friends and Wufu, chances are it will spark friction, let the user in the future Alipay social chat.

however, users do not seem to be very welcome, collect Wufu, after taking a bribe, or go to WeChat chat, leaving a pile of friends Riga Alipay quietly lying on the list, no longer contact ~

acquaintances social, death…

social acquaintances do not fire up the Alipay did not give up, in the summer and come up with a "place", the main human social, we use "in place" after helping each other, everyone gave a little love can become good friends, to open social channels.



style moment is wrong


(don’t ask me what is the mouth, I do not know)

social, social…

until last month, poor gentleman suddenly through a friend with a called "Internet elite" things in Alipay, is said to be closed, it seems ripe two road of social life are dead, Alipay wants to start the "circle", want to engage in the social circle of ~

Internet elite circle


but there were very few people at that time, and probably because of too many programmers…

in addition to the HR argument is what kind of language the best programmers > grass root

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