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n the collapse of Huang Taiji takeaway platform rumors claimed to enter Australia

[Abstract] Huang Taiji has been accused of "excessive marketing" and "excessive speculation", pancakes unpalatable, head than substance.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 3rd

today is a "failure" on the verge of collapse, Huang Taiji financing rumors that the takeaway platform in Huang Taiji in the teeth of the storm.

Huang Taiji then issued an emergency statement, said Huang Taiji B round of financing in October 21, 2015 the arrival of all, businesses are also listed three new board reform work is sponsored by brokerage citic.

Huang Taiji also said that the company was Xu Xiaoping, Li Mingyuan, Li Shanyou (micro-blog), Li Xueling (micro-blog), Wang Feng (micro-blog), Shen Ya also received early investment, share capital, while net investment, the total financing amounted to 360 million history. At present, more than 60% of revenue from takeaway business.

below is part of the financing Huang Taiji PPT page:


According to Huang Taiji

, the next major to do several aspects, including the construction of regional central kitchen, expand takeaway capacity; from a single place of service, a substantial increase in service frequency, and occupy the supply chain of high margin, and mainly focused on white-collar market.


Huang Taiji announced that by July 2015, its takeaway orders have reached 55.2%.



Huang Taiji’s plan to 2017 to cover 10 cities, the CBD of the 30, there are 100 factory stores, daily average of 300 thousand, with a daily revenue of 12 million to 15 million, with an annual revenue of 4 billion 300 million to 5 billion 400 million.

to the end of 2020, Huang Taiji to cover 50 cities, the CBD of the 100, there are 200 factory stores, daily average of 1 million single, with a daily revenue of 40 million to 50 million, with a revenue of 14 billion 400 million to 18 billion years.


in Huang Taiji exposed financing failed on the verge of collapse a few days before, he Chang founder Huang Taiji in a circle of friends to speak.

Chang he wrote in January 29th, "the Australian Chinese fast food market, the market is about to usher in China forces have landed the first, Huang Taiji, Sydney in May August in Melbourne see see!! 2016, based on the Chinese, into the world."

he is still in the circle of friends claimed that Huang Taiji, the Australian team was formally established. "Let the small pancake go out of the country the first step, the small pancake great rejuvenation! The real Chinese dream! We know that this news will still be a lot of people scold, but, really with"

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